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Papers (by topic)

Behavioral Implications of Causal Misperceptions

News Media as Suppliers of Narratives (and Information) (2024)  (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Behavioral Causal Inference (2023)

False Narratives and Political Mobilization (2022) (Joint with Kfir Eliaz and Simone Galperti)

On the Behavioral Consequences of Reverse Causality (2021) (supersedes and uses material from A Simple Model of Monetary Policy under Phillips-Curve Casual Disagreements (2021))

Modeling Players with Random "Data Access" (2021), Journal of Economic Theory, article 105374

Strategic Interpretations (2021), Journal of Economic Theory 192, article 105192 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz and Heidi Thysen)

Cheating with Models (2021), American Economic Review: Insights 3, 417-434 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz and Yair Weiss)

A Model of Competing Narratives (2020), American Economic Review 110, 3786-3816 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Corrected proof of Claim 2

Behavioral Implications of Causal Misperceptions (2020), Annual Review of Economics 12, 81-106

Can Agents with Causal Misperceptions be Systematically Fooled? (2020), Journal of the European Economic Association 18, 583-617

“Data Monkeys: A Procedural Mode of Extrapolation from Partial Statistics” (2017), Review of Economic Studies 84, 1818-1841

Bayesian Networks and Boundedly Rational Expectations (2016), Quarterly Journal of Economics 131, 1243-1290

Placebo Reforms (2013), American Economic Review 103, 1490-1506

Other Works on Non-Rational Expectations

Identifying Assumptions and Research Dynamics (2024) (Joint with Andrew Ellis)

Persuasion with Endogenous Misspecified Beliefs (2020), European Economic Review 134, article 103712 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz and Heidi Thysen)

Manipulating Market Sentiment (2014), Economics Letters 122, 370-373 (Joint with Michele Piccione)

Money Pumps in the Market (2008), Journal of the European Economic Association 6 (1), 237-253  (Joint with Ariel Rubinstein)

Testing Threats in Repeated Games (2005), Journal of Economic Theory 121 (2), 214-235

Simplicity of Beliefs and Delay Tactics in a Concession Game (2004), Games and Economic Behavior 47 (1), 200-220

Equilibrium in Justifiable Strategies: A Model of Reason-Based Choice in Extensive-Form Games (2002), Review of Economic Studies 69 (3), 691-706

Two-Sided Markets and Platforms

On Incentive-Compatible Estimators (2022), Games and Economic Behavior 132, 204-220 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

The Model Selection Curse (2019), American Economic Review: Insights 1, 127-140 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Incentive-Compatible Advertising on Non-Retail Platforms (2019), Rand Journal of Economics 51, 323-345 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Search Design and Broad Matching (2016), American Economic Review, 105, 563-586 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

A Simple Model of Search Engine Pricing (2011), Economic Journal 121, 329-339 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Extracting Interaction-Created Surplus (2000), Games and Economic Behavior 30, 142-162

Bounded Rationality and Industrial Organization

A Simple Model of a Money-Management Market with Rational and Extrapolative Investors (2020), European Economic Review 127, article 103488

Choice Complexity and Market Competition (2016), Annual Review of Economics 8, 1-25

Beyond "Ellison's Matrix": New Directions in Behavioral Industrial Organization (2015), Review of Industrial Organization 47, 259-272 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Buridanic Competition (2018), Games and Economic Behavior 107, 298-315 (Joint with Beniamin Bachi)

On the Equilibrium Effects of Nudging (2014), Journal of Legal Studies 44, 389-416

Competitive Framing (2014), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 6, 35-58

Price Competition under Limited Comparability (2012), Quarterly Journal of Economics 127, 97-135, (Joint with Michele Piccione – a revised version of Framing Competition (2009))

Consumer Bounded Rationality and Rigidity/Flexibility Retail Price Patterns (2012), Economics Letters 116, 335-338

Monopoly Pricing when Consumers are Antagonized by Unexpected Price Increases: A "Cover Version" of the Heidhues-Koszegi-Rabin Model (2012), Economic Theory 51, 695-711

On the Strategic Use of Attention Grabbers (2011), Theoretical Economics 6, 127-155 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Consideration Sets and Competitive Marketing (2011), Review of Economic Studies 78, 235-262 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

       Corrigendum (2013) (Joint with Kfir Eliaz and Tobias Gamp)

Consumer Optimism and Price Discrimination (2008), Theoretical Economics 3, 459-497 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Competition over Agents with Boundedly Rational Expectations (2006), Theoretical Economics 1 (2), 207-231

The Market for Quacks (2006), Review of Economic Studies 73 (4), 1113-1131

Contracting with Diversely Naïve Agents (2006), Review of Economic Studies 73 (3), 689-714 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Reference-Dependent Behavior

Managing Intrinsic Motivation in a Long-Run Relationship (2018), Economics Letters 165, 6-9 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

X-Games (2013), Games and Economic Behavior 89, 93-100 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Reference Dependence and Labor-Market Fluctuations (2013), NBER Macroeconomics Annual, Vol. 28, 159-200 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Monopoly Pricing when Consumers are Antagonized by Unexpected Price Increases: A "Cover Version" of the Heidhues-Koszegi-Rabin Model (2012), Economic Theory 51, 695-711

Mechanism Design Approach to Speculative Trade

Bargaining over Bets (2009), Games and Economic Behavior 66, 78-97 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Optimal Speculative Trade among Large Traders (2008), Review of Economic Design 12, 45-74 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

Consumer Optimism and Price Discrimination (2008), Theoretical Economics 3, 459-497 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

A Mechanism-Design Approach to Speculative Trade (2007), Econometrica, 75 (3), 875-884 (Joint with Kfir Eliaz)

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